Your Pathway To Perfect Extensions

“A great set of hair extensions begins by having a healthy hair & scalp” – Inanch Emir,
SRSH UK Extensionist of the Year 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Expert application will give the most natural looking results.  And we don’t stop there; offering an accredited aftercare programme to maintain Healthy Hair Days* during & after your extensions.

Hair Health Diagnosis

Your pathway to perfect extensions starts with a pre-extension hair health diagnosis. Before application, our digital microscope scans your hair & scalp to asses…

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Our thorough consultations talk you through the extension process and maintenance for Healthy Hair Days.  We will be asking some personal questions…

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With the flawless application techniques used by trained Gold Class Extensionists; the bonds are gently fused to your own hair into tiny discreet bonds.

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Gold Class Aftercare Range

Aftercare Products

A good hair care routine with the right products will prolong the life of the hair extensions.  See our full range of aftercare products…

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Aftercare Guidance

We understand you need to show off your Gold Class hair extensions & so we will prescribe you an accredited aftercare programme specifically for you & your hair.

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Safe Removal

We recommend removal of the extensions at 3 to 4 months.  Using our specially formulated removal gel, the extensions simply slide down the hair…

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12 Month Cycle

Here at Gold Class you can put fabulous extensions down to 4 basic points:
Firstly the raw ingredients have to be great quality and our hair is absolutely the best.

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