Base Colour Chart

With a range of 26 stunning colours unique to our brand, Gold Class hair is the finest designer-label hair extensions that are ethically sourced and hand-picked to give you the very best in quality and the perfect colour match.


Colour_1 copy01 Silk Velvet
Colour_202 Black Coffee
Colour_303 Coco
Colour_404 Hot Chocolate
Colour_505 Golden Brown
Colour_606 Walnut
Colour_707 Rich Truffle
Colour_808 Glazed Gold
Colour_909 Bronzed
Colour_1010 Sandstorm
Colour_1111 Iced Mocha
Colour_1212 Smooth Oak
Colour_1313 London Gold
Colour_1414 Vanilla Gold
Colour_1515 Golden Cream
Colour_1616 Honeydew
Colour_1717 Champagne
Colour_1818 Iced Pearl
Colour_19 Natural White
Colour_1919 Goldilocks
Colour_2020 Autumn Gold
Colour_2121 Rich Rose
Colour_2222 Firecracker
Colour_2323 Moroccan Red
Colour_2424 Mahogany
Colour_2525 Rich Berry
Colour_2626 Mystic Red


Colours are for illustration purposes only.

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