Colour Chart

Base Shades

With a range of 26 stunning colours unique to our brand, Gold Class hair is the finest designer-label hair extensions that are ethically sourced and hand-picked to give you the very best in quality and the perfect colour match.

Download our pdf guide here and see the range in full here>> 

Ombre Hair Shades

We have also introduced a range of Ombre shades to our luxury hair collection. The ten new hues have been created each with their own unique name to tie in with their base-to-end hair colours – ask to see the range at your Gold Class certified salon.


Clip-In Hair Shades

The clip-in hair piece has been gently coloured to reveal a lustre and health that wearers will love.  Available in 15 seamlessly blended colours naturally blended for a perfect match.

Download our pdf guide here and see the range in full here>> 

Colours are for illustration purposes only.

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