The Gold Class Standard

The finest hair is sourced ethically and hand picked to ensure the hair extensions are healthy & strong.  Cleansing & processing of the hair into the shades is so gentle to preserve the integrity &
quality for show-stopping Gold Class hair.

Hair Quality

Our hair extensions were named Gold Class for a reason: starting with sourcing amazing quality virgin hair, before being gently processed by hand…

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Sourcing & Ethicality

Gold Class hair is sourced ethically and can be traced throughout the process.   We are proud of our ethicality and urge stylists & consumers to always ask where the hair originates from and how it has been acquired.

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Quality is paramount through out the processing of the hair extensions.  The hair is cleaned before starting a gentle processing to remove the natural colour…

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Pre-bonded Extensions

Our polymer bonds have the same attributes as your own hair & scalp and have been developed to gently hold to the hair without causing any damage.

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Micro Ring Extensions

Our Micro Ring extensions offer the same quality hair, with a simple & tiny attachment method to create beautiful hair extensions you can re-use.

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Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair extensions are perfect for first-time extension wearers, offering a quick & clean application method.  Creating full heads of stunning hair in an hour.

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Luxury Clip Ins

Perfect for those wanting to try the volume & length of hair extensions without the commitment.  Easy to apply & comfortable to wear – the A-list way to do clip-ins!

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The colour range offers colour-fast protection and quality.  This is down to the processing of the extensions and blending to create the most natural-looking extensions.

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Colour Chart

With a range of stunning base, ombre and clip-in shades unique to our brand, your Gold Class select salon will guide you through our colours to find the perfect match.

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